Dikamohelo Nkutha

Poloko Warriors Foundation

What does your company do?

My NPO promotes reading and storytelling. We build the love of books and reading in children. We promote literature and we often host educational events for children in our community in collaboration with other stakeholders, organisations and departments.

What is your biggest success?

The greatest achievement we reached was being able host so our biggest children's events like Christmas parties, School holidays programmes, spelling bee competition, bring a boy child events, in collaboration with other organisations, stakeholders and other departments. Gauteng libraries came through and helped us with stationery. Evaton mall requested us to be part of their big events. The sorrounding school are approaching us to bring some of our programmes at their schools like tutoring, afternoon classes and reading classes. Nal'ibali also came through to sponsor us with story books in our organisation.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Starting was a hurdle. As we know that NPOs don't generate profit and income, it was difficult for me to convince people to work with me. Applying for funding it a hurdle at its own. Working with learning who have learning disabilities and not getting support from home and having no access to educational resources that could help them was really a struggle. Working with a very high rate of children who don't know how to read and write was the biggest challenge ever. Starting children's organisation without resources, stationery and storybooks was that alone a hurdle.