Dimakatso Lekekela

Zuri Nutrition

What does your company do?

We are a science-driven company focused on empowering young women to achieve their holistic wellness goals. We achieve this through the development and distribution of high-quality, all-natural dietary supplements designed to address specific health and beauty concerns. Our core focus is on providing young women, aged 18-35, with the tools they need to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. We understand the demands placed on this demographic, and our convenient and effective supplements are designed to seamlessly integrate into their busy routines. Zuri Nutrition offers a targeted range of products that address key areas: Weight Management: Our science-backed weight management supplements are designed to support healthy metabolism, manage cravings, and promote a balanced gut microbiome – all essential factors for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Skincare: We provide targeted solutions to promote radiant, healthy skin from within. Our all-natural skincare supplements deliver essential nutrients to nourish and revitalize the skin, combating blemishes and promoting a healthy, confident appearance. Hair Growth: Zuri’s hair growth supplements provide essential nutrients to support strong, healthy hair growth. By addressing the root cause of hair concerns, we help young women achieve their desired hair health goals. Zuri Nutrition is committed to providing clean, effective, and inclusive products. All our supplements are formulated using all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients and are vegan and halal certified. This unwavering commitment to quality and inclusivity has positioned Zuri as a leading provider of natural wellness solutions for young women in South Africa. We invite you to visit our website, www.bezuri.co, to explore our comprehensive product range and discover how Zuri Nutrition can empower you to achieve your wellness goals.

What is your biggest success?

There have been a couple of nominations and awards here and there but my greatest pride comes from witnessing our clients' transformations. We've empowered people to achieve their goals, whether it's radiant, healthier skin, regaining lost hair, or achieving sustainable weight management. Zuri's success hinges on our clients' success, and seeing them thrive through our products and our partnerships with leading distributors is incredibly rewarding.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Bootstrapping the business was an incredible journey as I started this when I was unemployed, with no savings left, but it wasn't without its struggles. While reinvesting every penny built a strong foundation, it also meant slower growth than we might have liked. Even now, financing expansion remains a hurdle. Scaling production to meet demand and executing strategic marketing initiatives requires ongoing resources. It's a constant balancing act, but finding creative solutions to push forward is what keeps me motivated.