Dineo Motsoko

Sineo Cleaning Services

What does your company do?

Sineo cleaning service provides cleaning services for commercial (offices) and residential (houses, apartments and flats) industries. Including window cleaning, upholstery cleaning , move ins and outs , spring cleaning and carpet cleaning.

What is your biggest success?

In 2019, I then started Sineo Cleaning Services , it was hard at the beginning like everything else, with no capital an funding , I had to hustle for equipment and uniforms, despite the naysayers telling me that the cleaning industry is hard to get into, I was determined and willing to risk it all. Sineo Cleaning Services is still a small business with only two full time and two temporary employees, yet we are working on expanding it and adding but the biggest success so far is just starting the business and trying to get it to operate into a full functional operation.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The most challenging thing for me is breaking into the industry, like most markets it is saturated but the challenge is having to go against big giants of the cleaning industry , most of the big companies get big cleaning contracts because they already have a reputation and coming in as a small black owned business has proven to be challenge to acquire lucrative deals. The most rewarding thing is the thought of living out and fulfilling my purpose and calling , the idea that my business will become an empire one day gives me an immeasurable amount of fulfilment within and drives me everyday to push and pursue every opportunity possible. Even when things get hard , I hold on to the possibility of what I will achieve and one day I will look at myself and be content that I have accomplished the impossible.