Disebo Makatsa

DEE-Y Trading, Trading as DEE-Y-DAIRY

What does your company do?

DEE-Y TRADING (Reg no: 2005/174935/23) is a registered South African company trading as the umbrella body for DEE-Y DAIRY Owned by a black female who started her journey in farming two decades ago. Operations are on a farm called ERFPAG, which is situated between Odendaalsrus and Kroonstad on the R34 road, a 386ha mixed farm, 210ha grazing and 170ha arable land Disebo Makatsa is the beneficiary and has obtained the farm through a 30-year lease from the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform . Disebo Makatsa, the founder and the Managing Director runs the farm along side with her 3 children. DEE-Y Trading’s main enterprise is dairy, with 64 Ayrshire cows in milk, producing an average of 17 litres of milk per day. Depending on the feed program, Ayrshire cattle can produce 24 Lt/day on TMR (Total Mixed Ration) and 18-20L/cow/day on pasture. DEE-Y Trading is currently supplying to Clover, which in turn supplies Woolworths with over 32 000 litres of milk a month, an average of 17 litres a day. The milk is collected every second day. The contract commenced in November 2020 and is an ongoing contract. DEE-Y Trading operates with one of the best milking equipment, namely, DelaVal Delpro system This equipment allows for increased efficiency and productivity through its monitoring of milk volume and provision of important information such as feeding and breeding schedules. This system has contributed to the operations being run smoothly and optimizing operations on the farm. The intention is to maximize the farm potential to its full capacity, increase herd production and produce high quality milk. Operating on at full capacity also means utilizing by planting the 170ha of arable land. DEE-Y Trading aims to plant summer and winter pastures/ feed on portions of this land, in so doing, it will reduce monthly expenses, by reducing the high cost of readily made feed by growing feed on the land available. DEE-Y Trading is also a member of the AYRSHIRE Breeder Society of South Africa, the society conducts audits annually on the herd to ensure registration control and purity of the breed. DEE-Y Trading currently employs 6 full-time employees. DEE-Y Trading is passionate about farming, producing food, creating jobs, alleviating poverty, youth development, transfer of skills and knowledge. DEE-Y Trading has also diversified into vegetable farming and plans to grow the enterprise in the coming years. Over the years DEE-Y Trading has ensured that the employees undertake various training (both formal and on-the-job), to better perform their respective jobs and to have a work force that is highly skilled. DEE- Y Trading is still on this pursuit, with plans to create jobs within the community and ensure that development and growth form part of each employees’ journey.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest successes are as follows: - Top Smallholder Farmer Runner Up in the Free State at the Department of Agriculture Annual Awards 2021 - 1 of 27 Women in South Africa awarded recognition awards at the Recognition Awards for Women in Agriculture and Agro-processing 2022 - Supplying Woolworths through Clover Milk - Becoming a member of the South African Ayrshire Breeder's Society - My farming story being covered by reputable publications and institutions such as:- United Nations https://southafrica.un.org/en/248195-climate-smart-agriculture-equips-women-farmers-and-grows-economy Food For Mzansi https://www.foodformzansi.co.za/farmer-disebo-makatsa-is-building-a-legacy/ Sunday World https://sundayworld.co.za/business/from-a-dream-to-a-successful-business/ The Telegram https://thetelegramlive.co.za/from-selling-amasi-in-the-hood-to-supplying-woolies/ News24 https://www.news24.com/news24/bi-archive/small-scale-farm-supplies-milk-to-woolworths-2022-2

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle has to be access to capital, farming and specifically dairy farming is a capital intensive business, it's also a volumes business - meaning the bigger your operation, as well as producing your own feed to feed your cows, the more likely you are to turn a profit and employ more people in a country where we're faced with unemployment epidemic.