Dominique Tibbles


What does your company do?

We have various outreaches A rotational ministry with feeding plan in AppelPark in Krugersdorp Sandwich Day for Madiba Day Handbags of Hope for Women's Month Blessings Bags in December Working with a women's safe house in Krugersdorp We have a vision this year to create a safe house for boys / young men and a library

What is your biggest success?

Locking myself in a cage in Cradlestone Mall for 67 hours in 2023 to raise funds to make pb&J sandwiches.... We made just over 15,000 sandwiches Having volunteers and donors believe in what we do to part with their time and money to create a moment of dignity for those who feel like they have been forgotten Making just over 13,000 pb&J sarmies in 2022

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Finances and time We are self funded and need the time to complete our marketing strategy to properly approach corporates to do their CSI spend to enable us to be more impactful to establish our boys/men safe house, library, school drives for period poverty, design and create our mascot uniform