Donah Rosser

The Wellness Blend

What does your company do?

The Wellness Blend is a functional tea beverage company created and formulated for women by women, tailored specifically to their unique wellness needs. Rooted in 25 years of women's health expertise, we have created a range of sparkling herbal tea's and loose leaf tea blends that have no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, additives, flavours or colourants. Each product in our range begins with the highest quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced, bringing together nature and science to create a beverage that combines flavour and function. Our sparkling herbal tea's are naturally brewed with the added benefits of collagen and vitamin c, offering an on-the-go ready to drink version of our loose leaf tea blends. Our range is expanding to include other exciting options that provide women a non-alcoholic beverage enhanced with adaptogens and nootropics, offering bold, balanced and bubbly choices.

What is your biggest success?

The wellness blend boldly caters specifically to the needs of women in a very male-dominated beverage industry. By introducing a new category to the market that is backed by science and addresses the holistic wellness needs of women in a unique and impactful way has been our biggest success. Hearing the stories and feedback from our women clients about how our products have positively impacted their health and well-being brings us immense joy. These tangible successes, coupled with metrics like increased customer satisfaction and retention rates, are what keep us motivated to innovate and create purpose-driven products and a kinship-focused community of women. Another significant success for us, being a small business, has been the opportunity to export our products as a proudly South African manufactured and sourced beverage.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been to introduce a new category to the market without a large budget for marketing. In an industry dominated by Coke and Twizzer, we faced the ongoing challenge of educating both consumers and retailers about the benefits of our ingredients and manufacturing process. Our commitment to staying true to our core values drives us to offer our clients the purest and healthiest products at the best prices. However, in an industry driven by volume and cost, manufacturing our products with high-quality ingredients can pose financial challenges. Additionally, I’ve chosen to bootstrap and self-finance my business’s growth to maintain organic growth and uphold our mission. While this approach may slow our growth, it has allowed me to be involved in every aspect of my business from innovation to production and forge deeper connections with our retailers and consumers alike.