Dr Andile Molokomme


What does your company do?

Andi Beauty (PTY) Ltd 2020/474632/07 is a beauty brand that started off as a cosmetic beauty brand but has since expanded into a medical beauty spa offering beauty therapy services, medical Aesthetics and another second company a GP practice adjacent to it. We have sold over 2500 liquid matte Lipsticks and 1000 more other (liquid eyeshadow pallets, mascara, eyeliners, beauty blenders, pressed powders, foundations etc) since inception in 2021. We have since then employed over 5 different young people on a part time basis and 3 freelancers. At the 2023 Emerge Africa Awards we won the Best Woman in Business 1st runner up. Our company is also affiliated to an NPO Phenomenal Young Persons 181-231 which has adopted two schools Dirang Kanatla High School in North West and Lewhereleng Secondary High School in Hammaskraal Pretoria. The NPO holds an annual Academic Award ceremony for the matriculants which are sponsored by Andi Beauty and over 500 (worth ~R90-120 each) goodie bags sponsored to Matriculants, over 200 award certificates to each subject's top three achievers since 2021. Our products are available online at Andibeauty.co.za, 404 West Street Pretoria North and at Menyln mall at Edenvinne store and four distributors in Gauteng. Thank you so much.

What is your biggest success?

Having our brand known and used outside the boarders of South Africa (Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Scotland and Bostwana). Winning the Best Woman in Business 1st runner up at the Emerge Africa Awards in 2023 Selling more than 3000 products of makeup in less than 3 years as a completely new brand in a highly competitive industry such as makeup where also bigger preexisting companies already had a bigger pie stack of the market. Being featured in Magazines, news papers and Radio (Thobela fm, GaraNkuwa Fm) to highlight the successes of the company.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Trying to get our products on the shelves like Clicks, Dischem and Woolworths. Finding a local manufacturer Obtaining funding to further expand my business from what it is now