Elin Agodi

The Human Element

What does your company do?

Globally, a staggering 85% of employees are disengaged at work. This alarming statistic has far-reaching negative consequences for organizations, resulting in poor performance, low productivity, decreased profits, and poor customer satisfaction. When employees are highly engaged there is a significant and positive impact on the performance of an SMB, leading to increased productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction, and overall business success. The Human Element exists to help SMB founders and managers create an environment where employees can thrive, where they can do work they love and ultimately help the organisation achieve its objectives. We do this by providing strategic HR and talent management solutions, as well as individual and group coaching to ensure the SMB founder and its managers have the tools and support to create an environment where employees feel engaged and satisfied in their roles.

What is your biggest success?

Most SMB leaders dread dealing with employee relations matters because they lack the knowledge and time to effectively handle it. We pride ourselves on excellence and to date, we've helped our clients achieve a 0% CCMA referral rate on all employee relations matters we've helped them resolve. We also have a 90% client retention rate and because of the quality of work we deliver, we have a high referral rate from our existing clients. Our coaching interventions are tremendously successful in that clients report achieving career goals and overall career satisfaction with 6 months of being coached by one of our coaches.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

As with any business venture, some challenges require innovative problem-solving skills to overcome. Our biggest challenge to date has been finding skilled resources to enable us to scale and reach more clients nationally and in other African countries. We are exploring ways to overcome this challenge.