Elma Akob

Elevate Africa Academy

What does your company do?

Public speaking is ranked as the 4th most 'in-demand' skill globally. Elevate Africa Academy is a registered Public Speaking and Voice Over Training company. We work to provide our clients/students with all the skills they need to launch a career in said paths or empower themselves with a voice in their respective fields. In today's interconnected world, effective communication is paramount. Public speaking skills are not only essential for personal development but are also crucial in professional settings, enabling individuals to convey their ideas confidently and persuasively. The administration of the company is based in Pretoria, South Africa but we offer services to students from all over the Continent as we have both contact and online training. Elevate Africa Academy is divided into two complimentary branches; Public speaking and Voice Over Artistry. Our services are targeted to all; men, women and children as communication competencies are a necessity for everyday life. The ability to effectively communicate is an essential skill utilised in all career paths and Elevate Africa Academy addresses the dire need for improved communication skills in the African Continent.

What is your biggest success?

For the work we do; empowering African's to embrace their natural accents and use their voices confidently, we were recognised as the Top Youth Owned Education Brand in South Africa 2022. We have also been recognised by the Gauteng Municipality as the Tshwane Women in Business Creative Business Award and our founder Elma Akob, was recognised as one of the Top 10 Oustanding Young Persons in the World, through Junior Chambers International as a 24 year old PhD candidate, TEDx speaker and CEO running a multinational organisation.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Elevate Africa Academy, despite its promising start and even more promising future faces 2 big hurdles 1. Finacncial and Human Resources: As a relatively new company, managing finances effectively is a major challenge. We have had no capital injectection since inception. Limited funds have restricted our marketing efforts, haulted product development which incorporates AI into the training and employee development, it also limits the scale of operations. All Elevate Africa Academy employees are youth under the age of 30 with a passion for public speaking, empowering the African continent and making a contribution to society. However this is our first time doing business, we know the theories, we have the knowledge but the practical skill is being learnt on the job and we definitely would benefit from personell and mentors with more diverse expertise to add to the team.