Fezile Mdletshe

Fezile Fashion Skills Academy

What does your company do?

Fezile Fashion Skills Academy (FFSA)is emerging as a key player in fashion training in KZN, offering over nine accredited courses. The primary objective of FFSA is to tackle the challenges facing the clothing and fashion industry by providing accredited training services and developing programs for Design, Clothing Manufacturing, Industry value chain alignment, and entrepreneurship. The academy's comprehensive approach includes market access opportunities, creative direction and range building, project management, and liaison for business linkages. By actively monitoring and evaluating growth, FFSA aims to position itself as a catalyst for new venture creation and job opportunities in the Clothing and Fashion Industries, contributing to the betterment of South Africans.

What is your biggest success?

Throughout my 25 years in the fashion industry, I have come to understand that entrepreneurship can be a skill taught and enhanced, but being born with an entrepreneurial mindset that ensures your success in any opportunity one encounters. That is why I believe that it is an opportunity to show how I, as a women, can help plant the next seed of young women who; will in future blossom and become powerhouses in their own right, will always be my definition of my “biggest success”.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

As much as most people will not admit that one's personal/private life has an impact, the most difficult aspect for me was dealing with it alone following my divorce, without marital support and "assurance". This pivotal moment in my life was a chance for me to fully immerse myself and learn about the world of entrepreneurship where there’s a thin line between success and failure whilst acknowledging that it’s never too late to start again from the ground up. I participated in an ESD programme, which increased my financial literacy and improved my comprehension of policy. I've also been working with a life and business coach to help define my life and business goals.