Fiona Khan

Global Forum 4 Literacy

What does your company do?

I am the founder and CE ofGlobal Forum 4 Literacy and we provide free resources to 110 different countries and 40 groups through all social media platforms. We are the 'go to' on social media for teachers, learners, home schooling, remote learning, pre-service teachers and ECD practitioners and students. I personally provide training for programs I have created for pre-service teachers and teachers at schools, ECD practitioners and education consultants. The programe was my masters for which I passed cum laude. I am a Global Goodwill Ambassador for Literacy and Humanity and an Ambassador for Durban the UNESCO City of Literature promoting language, Literacy and literature. We also distribute recycled and reused books for a circular economy with GF4L Travelling Books Project. I work with libraries and travel internationally promoting our city and country within the Creative Cities Network. I am also a keen environmentalist and internationally published and award winning author,Poet and publisher. GLOBAL FORUM 4 LITERACY partners with many other groups and Literacy projects in Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Europe and Asia. I also run the Fiona Khan Academy for Learning and Healing working with children with SEND. Here I heal children with special needs in education through homeopathy, energy healing and crystal healing and my giftedness.

What is your biggest success?

I am an executive member of the UNESCO Bid Committee in Durban, a Global Goodwill Ambassador and a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. GLOBAL FORUM 4 LITERACY is recognized and recommended Internationally. My personal greatest achievement is healing children with special educational needs through alternative intervention. That smile when they achieve is priceless. I introduced coding using toys to teachers and practitioners for the first time showing education officials and teachers that coding starts from childhood I have introduced to the world HIV/Aids books for children I'm 2000 and RQ for children. Now it's coding and robotics. I set trends and break glass ceilings. That's my achievements.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Funding. We need funding for creating more resources, animated videos, teaching more children coding and Imagineering. I strongly believe and my team supports me in ensuring that learning starts at creche (1-4years) as the platform and everything else is built through layering above that.