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EasyMed Supplies

What does your company do?

EasyMed Supplies multifaceted approach addresses the critical challenges faced by the healthcare community, as well as the scarcity of relevant educational resources in the Atrican context. Heres now each aspect or tasymeas semices contributes to overcoming mnese obstacles. 1. Ecuioment Rental for Students: tasyMed recognizes that healthcare students often struggle to afford training equipment due to financial constraints. lo address this challenge, tasymed oners an equipment kental service tallored specically tor students. Inrougn this service, students can easily access training equipment tor their studies without the burden of purchasing expensive equipment outright. By providing affordable rental options, Easylved ensures that students have the tools they need to excel in their education and gain valuable practical experience, regardless of their financial circumstances. <. tauipment Kerail Tor uick Access: Healthcare professionals often require immediate access to essential equipment for patient care, and delays in acquiring equipment can have serious consequences. EasyMed mitigates this risk by proactively stocking a wide range of medical equipment for retail. By prioritizing items manufactured abroad and maintaining a diverse inventory of essential equipment, EasyMed ensures that healthcare professionals have timely access to the tools they need to deliver quality care, reducing wait times and improving patient outcomes. 3. EasyMed EduHub: This online hub serves as a collaborative space where industry professionals, academics, and practitioners can share knowledge, best practices, and research findings relevant to African healthcare challenges. Through the EduHub, EasyMed aims to bridge the gap in healthcare education byl providing a wealth of culturally sensitive and contextually relevant educational resources. By empowering healthcare professionals with access to comprehensive educational content, EasyMed facilitates continuous learning and skill development, ultimately enhancing healthcare delivery and Improving outcomes tor patients across Atrica. We aim to incorporate all 3 parts of our solution into a digital Application where our customers can either rent or purchase equipment and also engage with other protessionals to share best practice tips. Our services will not be only limited to health workers but also patients and caregivers. As we test and launch our service we find it best to first focus on one segment which is healthcare students in training

What is your biggest success?

Our biggest success has been sponsorships from MTN, Ford and Hamorny Gold. These have allowed us to purchase our equipment and make branding materials, for the business.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been the purchasing of optometry equipment, which we are currently having a trail on renting it out to students. We have also struggled potentially getting insurance, as the value of our asset was very low, and it is a high risk business.