Gabuza Afikile Zali

MAZ Joinery rustic and pallet furniture

What does your company do?

We do Furniture : Built-in cabinets, Sofa or Couches Re-upholstery and headboards

What is your biggest success?

Where we stay, 75% of the youth are unemployed, and some did not finish school or just have difficulty finding employment and lack skills. My greatest achievement was creating employment and building a skill for my community's youth. My second success was finding a bigger space to work in, and due to the community's help, we could secure a space that gave us enough space to introduce new skills. My last biggest success was being able to make enough turnover to pay the employees.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest hurdle is the machinery we use because it is second-hand and needs much maintenance. Another hurdle has been load shedding; the machines we use need electricity, and load shedding causes delays in our work. The shelter we operate in is not big enough for all the work to be done inside, so some staff members work outside and some inside, which also causes delays because when it rains, some staff members can not work.