What does your company do?

Jaybeezzz trading and projects (pty) ltd is a multi-disciplinary general building, civil engineering constructions company hardware and supplier that has proved commercial success and competence in a wide range of diverse construction domains since 2017.We are dedicate to putting our customers first and fostering long-term relationship in both the private and public sector. Jaybeezzz hardware for all the building materials needs and supplies we handle all aspects of construction and maintenance from the initial design to the final installation by making sure that our clients receive the best quality building materials. We customize well-designed solutions as professionals in the home improvement industry and building material businesses.

What is your biggest success?

To be the first young black woman to have a foot in the Hardware industry and to achieve to secure two of the best developers in the my area and making sure my contract with them is secured for the past two years I have been supplying them in doing so was able to open a small kiosk in my residential as a work in hardware store for the community near me and buying a 6 ton truck for the deliveries for clients near and far.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The hurdle I have faced is to not being able to deliver on time due to lake of resources such as using only one truck in the busiest time we tend to loose clients to bigger companies as we are not able to fulfil the our promise as we would need to prioritize the two developers that we already have a commitment with.