Ginette Blackbeard

ENOUGH. Upcycled Beauty-Health

What does your company do?

ENOUGH. is an award-winning clean beauty brand committed to elevating skincare through innovative upcycling practices. Our renowned range offers natural, plant-based skin and body care products meticulously formulated to promote a firmer, smoother complexion, enhanced repair and protection, while optimising skin resilience. At ENOUGH., we are dedicated to sustainability and ethical sourcing, exemplified by our ingenious use of cosmetic-grade byproducts from various manufacturing processes, including those from the coffee brewing and juicing industries. By using these repurposed materials alongside other ethically sourced clean ingredients, we not only create effective skincare solutions but also champion a circular economy and reduce waste. Our upcycling ethos also extends to our packaging. Our coffee byproduct range is housed in laser-cut board made from packaging waste. Our Blue Light Elixir is packaged in Hempcelium – a first of its kind in South Africa. It is sustainably grown from mycelium (mushroom) and hemp hurd – a waste product from the hemp agricultural industry. The packaging is fully biodegradable – you can break it apart and discard in your garden to be used as nutritious food for your plants. Beyond our commitment to quality and sustainability, ENOUGH. stands as a beacon of principled beauty. Our dedication to upcycling and ethical practices has garnered recognition, including the prestigious CLEAN BEAUTY award by Glamour Magazine. Our product range made from coffee byproducts includes a Caffeine & Essential Oil Body Scrub, Caffeine Antioxidant Serum, Caffeine Enhanced Tissue Oil and Blue Light Elixir, a natural shield against the ageing effects of blue light, is made from an upcycled blueberry seed and rice bran oil.

What is your biggest success?

My most significant achievement has been launching a brand on a shoestring budget, demonstrating resilience and determination. Winning the Glamour Clean Beauty Award for two products within just two months of launch validated the strength of my concept. Additionally, being selected as a Top 15 finalist in the Future Females Circular Economy Business Accelerator, from an initial pool of 50 women, highlighted my commitment to innovation and sustainability. It took grit and courage to venture into a new segment of the beauty industry, but these experiences have fueled my belief in the power of bold ideas and perseverance.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The concept of repurposing discarded materials to create high-quality beauty products is gaining momentum. However, like with any new movement, it has sparked its fair share of misconceptions and myths: 1. Upcycled ingredients are contaminated & dirty 2. They should be cheaper 3. Compromised quality & efficacy 4. Its a gimmicky trend & greenwashing The challenge with South Africa is that although we have a plethora of potential by-products, there aren’t many local options in terms of cosmetic grade upcycled raw ingredients. The scope for researching and developing cutting-edge cosmetic ingredients from waste such as discarded peel, pips, pith, leaves, stems, husks, shells, kernels, bark, rind, misshapen or so-called ugly fruit and vegetables, and more is enormous but can be costly which means innovative indie beauty brands like ENOUGH. often need to look to international raw material suppliers.