Gini Ncube-Whittington

Makabongwe Pathways Atteridgeville (Stimulation outreach centre for disabled children)

What does your company do?

*House visits for disabled children. *Provide wheelchairs and Physiotherapy or Occupational therapy referrals. *Support group for parents. *Swimming classes for Stimulation/inclusiveness and ability therapy. *Provide soup kitchen to families. *Inclusive awareness programs/events to community. *Baking/Singing/Computer classes/Dance classes Social & entrepreneurs skills.

What is your biggest success?

*Provides wheelchairs. *Provides dippers. *Inclusive/self development programs according to disability and ability of a child. *Raising entrepreneurs with their gifts/skills and talents. *Support group for parents and Retreats to parents as most are single parents and dependent on kids grands. *Running soup kitchen. *House visits. *Celebrating social and public events like able people.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Lack of land to expand our programs.Lack of funds to accommodate other disabilities whom are part of us.Transportation to therapy dates for our children.Programs for parents accreditation.