Hanlie Lizette Wessels

Impact Business Development (Pty) Ltd

What does your company do?

We use technology to solve current social and business problems. All our solutions map to the Key Performance Indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure that we create impact through everything we do and contribute to the 2030 aims of the SDGs. Impact for good is at the heart of everything we do. Our flagship solution is the Harassment Risk Assessment, a digitized tool that quantifies harassment levels in the workplace. This solution is delivered to corporate clients. We have digitized the labor law requirement of the Code of Good Practice on the prevention and elimination of harassment in the workplace. We work closely with a labor law company to ensure we meet legal requirements. This solution is a differentiator for companies, making them more competitive and going beyond mere compliance. Additionally, we offer solutions that accelerate revenue for Small and Medium Businesses through our revenue acceleration solution. We help them overcome technology adoption issues, select only what they need, and address knowledge challenges.

What is your biggest success?

We have successfully collated South Africa's first data set quantifying workplace harassment and toxicity using a technology-driven solution. Delivering these insights to multinational and large local companies has resulted in significant positive impacts and appreciation from our clients. The data speaks for itself. Our analysis shows that, on average, employees face 1.5 extreme or high harassment risks. Our benchmarking allows employers to compare their harassment levels against the national average, providing a clear perspective on whether their rates are higher, the same, or lower. The top three harassment issues in South African workplaces are 1) discrimination, 2) sarcasm, and 3) humiliation. Interestingly, males often report experiencing higher harassment levels than females. Our data-driven approach helps employers address workplace toxicity, promoting employee wellness in line with Sustainable Development Goals KPIs 5.1 and 10.3.1. This comprehensive analysis offers actionable insights for creating a healthier work environment.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One challenge has been to help Executives, CEOs, and MDs in overcoming their fear of conducting a Harassment Risk Assessment in their company. Convincing them that reducing workplace toxicity leads to increased productivity, improved innovation, and a greater ability to retain talented staff is crucial. Running an adequate number of assessments to produce a representative profile, with an acceptable margin of error for gender, race and occupational level. Now that we have this available we are able to benchmark clients against the market.