Happy Jali

P S Cabs Pty Ltd

What does your company do?

P S Cabs stands out as South Africa's rapidly expanding school transport company, distinguished by its female-driven approach. We are committed to providing highly professional, reliable and safe school transportation. Our core services include transporting students to and from school, as well as facilitating transportation for extra-mural activities. With a commitment to excellence, we aim to ensure the comfort, safety and satisfaction of our passengers while contributing positively to the communities that we serve.

What is your biggest success?

Our biggest success has been our rapid growth and establishment as a prominent player in the school transport industry in South Africa. Our achievement in becoming the fastest-growing female-driven school transport company reflects their dedication to providing highly professional, reliable and safe transportation services. Additionally, our vision to drive positive change in communities showcases our commitment to making a meaningful impact beyond just providing transportation.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been establishing trust and credibility in the competitive transportation industry, especially as a female-driven school transport company in South Africa. Overcoming stereotypes and gaining acceptance within the community posed significant challenges initially. However, by consistently delivering professional, reliable and safe services, we have been able to gradually overcome this obstacle and build a solid reputation.