Happy Rebeccah Mohlala


What does your company do?

Sadi been in business for over a decade working with entrepreneurs. We witnessed business failure and lack of sustainability in the business formed being an issue. Poverty ravage families and unemployment hovering around 32% thereby threating the livelihood of many, it became clearer to the owners that lack of job opportunities to cater for the growing population is as result of fewer people entering the entrepreneurial spaces amongst many other structural issues. Vision: To bring simplicity in entrepreneurship & financial literacy, for business to become a language for all with no age limit . Our Mission: To plant a seed of business in the young minds at a young age, To be able to engage , understand entrepreneurship while, building confidence in their own business ideas/inventions. Our objective : The program is designed for Kids. Teenagers & Youth with the intention of nurturing their unconventional talents and skills. Using our active-based learning method, we stimulate the student to start their own companies: Determine their degree of creativity. How to stimulate entrepreneurial intention using vocational and technical skills. How to leverage on mentorship and coaching to bridge the gap between theory and practice. How to manage their finances; and Competitive advantage – adding value, being dominant in business & exposure to global business thinking We are empowering African teens and youth, to understand business, assist them to explore & create business opportunities around them to grow and participate in the economy.

What is your biggest success?

Successful Teen and youth Startups: our programs and initiatives have led to the creation of successful businesses run by the youth. These ventures often start as small projects but can grow into significant enterprises, showcasing the potential of young entrepreneurs. Educational Programs and Initiatives: we started programs like making entrepreneurship simple at a school level-focused initiatives have successfully integrated entrepreneurship into school curricula, reaching millions of students. we provide practical experiences, mentorship, and resources that are crucial for entrepreneurial success. Conclusion The greatest achievement in teaching teens about entrepreneurship is the profound and lasting impact it has on their personal development, economic empowerment, and societal contributions. By equipping young people with entrepreneurial skills and mindset, educators are not only preparing them for future careers but also fostering a generation of innovative, resilient, and socially responsible leaders. This achievement has ripple effects that benefit individuals, communities, and the global economy.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

What i have not anticipated was the fact that when you work with disadvantaged area with teen girls, you are fully responsible for food and transport should you take them out of their comfort zone, ensuring that they are on time to business events and site visits they are invited. The cost of the food and transport was not something i have thought of, hence it was the biggest hurdle that initially we had to overcome. Cultural Attitudes and Beliefs Challenge: Cultural attitudes towards money, risk, and entrepreneurship can influence how these subjects are received by students and their communities.