Hilary K Leong

Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa (ACT Africa)

What does your company do?

We raise awareness and provide education around Human Trafficking & Gender-Based Violence, and the effects thereof Provide basic assistance to victims of Trafficking and Gender-Based Violence by ensuring assistance is received as soon as possible as well as escalate for further referrals to allow for longer-term solutions to overcome these atrocities Create Gender-Based Violence campaigns focusing on the Boy Child, teaching them about correct treatment of women from an early age. Assist in poverty/disaster alleviation (Food and clothing drives etc.) which is statistically linked to increased instances of high Trafficking and Gender-based Violence. Understand the root cause of domestic violence, thus creating and promoting of life-skills workshops that educates the youth in fighting the scourge of drugs, alcohol abuse as well as the escalating issues of teenage pregnancy.

What is your biggest success?

The development and fruition of No 2 Violence and Stop The Trafficking boardgames, of which No 2 Violence Protoype has been developed and its launch is imminent; the date will be announced shortly. Winner of the 2022 International Human Rights CAHR Award, which took place in Nigeria. 2020. In 2021, we hosted the inaugural ACT Africa International Men's Gender-Based Violence & Femicide Conference, which saw attendance from DPCI (The Hawks), the MEC of the Dept of Social Development Gauteng, a Department of Justice High Court Judge, CSOs, and delegates from nine countries, including the USA. In 2022 Positive difference made in many women, men and children's lives though our focus to prevent and break the cycles of human trafficking and gender-based violence.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Funding & Resources to remain operational, implement projects/initiatives and expansion.