Ian Mangenga

Digital Girl Africa

What does your company do?

Digital Girl Africa is a social tech company that uses emerging technologies to widen women's access to education, finance and healthcare services. Through our tech bootcamps and workshops, we have trained over 5000 women and girls from all walks of life. The work we do is driven by our vision of building an inclusive and accessible digital economy in Africa. We believe that empowering women with digital skills is vital to achieving the sustainable development goals on the continent. With the high rate of GBV and youth unemployment in South Africa, providing a 360 solution to the digital gender gap is imperative to eliminating the intersectional challenges that women face on a daily. We believe that by providing women with actionable digital skills, resources and information we are accelerating their professional and personal growth so that they may be economically empowered and change their lives. Our goal is to transform 1000 000 digital journeys by 2030.

What is your biggest success?

We have had a couple of achievements, such as, collaborating with Superbalist in 2021, hosting a successful 16-day digital festival, the Slow Fest, in 2020. The Slow Fest was aimed at inspiring women during 16 Days of Activism by providing them with interesting IG Lives, content, resources and workshops to end of the year. We have built and launched a creative studio where we worked on documentaries for clients, produced animations and ran digital campaigns as a way to create employment for the women in our community and to also spread our magic with organisations that need youth flair in their campaigns. Digital Girl Africa is continuously growing and evolving to fit the needs of women and girls at whatever stage society is, being agile is one of our super powers and the reason why we continue to be relevant in the lives of women.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One of our biggest challenge is access to support structures such as PR and good advisors. I believe that a great social enterprise needs more than just money to succeed. It also needs efficient systems and a competent team. Over the years I've been working hard to build a capable team and functioning systems, however, I feel that people don't know about us and the work we do. Having great PR would allow us to grow our network and be able to build beneficial partnerships that can help us grow.