What does your company do?

We do: Document copies, Scan, Email, Laminating, ID/Passport photos, Photo enlarge & Framing, Internet service. We sell office & school stationery, Church books & Altar accessories. We bid and supply schools with learners stationery and also supply our local Municipality with Office stationery.

What is your biggest success?

It's when I afforded to get computers for my business to run Internet café from home to my local small town. I was so proud of my self, seeing customers coming in to the shop and asking what I can gladly provide. It has been a draining feeling not meeting the needs of my customers since I was using only one laptop and small printer while the demand was very high in my area.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Starting my business at home with no capital, only a laptop and small printer. The hardest was to market a business and not satisfying my customers with services they were looking for. I had to move to my local small town (Nqutu) which is a rural town where I had to open a shop with that laptop and printer from home. Being able to buy computers and printers was a breakthrough to me and business.