Janice Erasmus


What does your company do?

Jireh Community Projects is a Non-Profit Organisation based in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town. Jireh was established in 1989 and was registered as an NPO with South Africa’s Department of Social Development in 13 September 2000. In response to the above, Jireh Community Projects was founded in order to: • Uplift poor communities to experience spiritual, social and economic freedom • Assist people to become active in their communities by participating in programmes • Help local residents take ownership of their resources and gain sustainable income through training and support initiatives • Leave a footprint and a lasting positive legacy for our people • Give hope to humanity Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we provide services and programmes to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of early childhood development provision to children in the Cape Town. Jireh is composed of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, united in their passion for supporting early childhood education and their dedication to The Jireh mission of ensuring all young children receive high-quality education regardless of background or economic position.

What is your biggest success?

Nelson Mandel Award in 1998 for Best Community Initiative

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Thinking back to the 17th of March 2020 in office we were filled with hope as we were making headway financially and the future looked very good for our organization. Being in existence for over 30 years we have had such highs and lows financially and we have always managed to stay open and make it through. On the 17th of March 2020 at 1pm I received a call to close the centre on the 18th of March and send close to 250 children home due to COVID 19. We were told if we stayed open I would be arrested for going against the law as children's health was in imminent danger. On the 18th of March like many other schools we locked up the building that we own ensuring all security procedures were in place. It was emotional as it’s a place where we spend 200 hours per month and we do not even close during school holidays so its practically home. We are forever grateful to have carried the school back to full capacity and can employ 26 full time staff (all women) and cater for 217 children.