The Dragonfly Institute

What does your company do?

A home for growth and change, The DragonFly Institute invites you to learn about the many different faces of finance and how to make them a part of your life in ways that celebrate the fact that you’re not just a number or statistic, but a person with a full life. Fueled by a passion to positively impact everyone we interact with, the Institute welcomes you to develop your financial minds and lives in a way that empowers, enhances, and sets you up for sustainable and long-term success!

What is your biggest success?

Being the first person in my family to be a successful, woman entrepreneur. Having to learn everything from scratch with no mentors and no business help from parents as they had very limited knowledge, however, they did show me a good example of using my education, talent and skills to achieve success... I pushed my foot in the door while raising kids, getting my family out of the Cape flats, where there is alot of exposure to gangsterism and drugs. Continued growth of the business, using influence to shape the minds of South Africans and contribute towards their continued education and financial empowerment. I influence, empower and impact many individuals within various roles. Daring to dream and managing to start a multi pronged business that is fully aligned with Momentum's vision, support underprivileged communities while still making financial business sense. Backed by years of experience in the financial industry, Janine Horn founded the DragonFly Institute in 2023. As a lifelong activist and creator of change in the world of Financial Advisory and Literacy, her areas of expertise include youth development, business development, and refining business practices, With a passion for educating others on economic abuse, economic gender equality, and women’s wellness, the movement has not only sparked change but a determination to see it through.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Persevering despite constant pain due to my disability as well as paying for ongoing treatment, which ate up most of m finances. Maintaining a positive attitude and grit without which I could never have pulled of your vision. Imposter Syndrome