Jessica Naicker

Ignite Revolution

What does your company do?

We provide the following services to the community all free services: *Soup kitchens for vulnerable children *Hot meals programme for shelters, places of safety and areas in need *Youth empowerment workshops, focuses on teaching children their identity, worth, value and purpose. *Sanitary pads drive in schools *Programme to assist the unemployed, provide free training opportunities, vacancy groups, CV assistance, frew programmes to increase employability. *New Begginings, this programme identifies people in shelters assist with work opportunities and relocate them to areas where family/ employment is available. *Food Aid to child headed households, no income households and people in dire need. *Support to other NPOs and organisations and churches

What is your biggest success?

Being recognised on the same platform as Zorah Sooliman co-founder of the Gift of the Givers and recieving a Woman of Wonder award for community service

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Biggest hurdle is finance and resources, we are not funded.