Jessica Vogt

Jet Creative Studio

What does your company do?

I illustrate and create artwork from nature and my life experience, and I create relatable pieces of ART and put them onto functional and useful pieces. Instead of Art on a canvas, it's ART on something you could use everyday. Gift cards, wrapping paper, notepads, cushions, tees. I inspire people and more so the younger generation that is a career in ART and being a creative person.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest is (A) achieving a childhood dream and (B) proving to myself that I can. A. I've always wanted to design and sell my own gift cards and wrapping paper, since I was a kid. So now when I do sell a gift card or a wrapping paper sheet, my heart skips.a beat. B. When I was studying graphic design, we had drawing as a subject. I didn't do to well, just passed, and my lecturer told me I couldn't draw. During covid I started drawing again to deal with emotions and anxiety of the times.. And people loved my style and what I did, and this has led to what I today. A little shop of creations in a old horse stable. I'm really proud of my journey and my growth as a person, a womanpreneur. Hard work and dreams can make goals come true.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Trying to leave the emotion behind. Some people coming into my studio and criticizing my work, some people just being rude, sometimes questioning whether this is going to work, what am I doing... To keep believing in myself and my dreams. It's hard. Lots of tears, and perseverance. Learning to be resilient.