Jodi Jacobs

Beauty By Jodi


Clients natural nails with rubberbase + some art 🧡🩷#SAMA28 #naturalbabe #fyp #nailinspo #rubberbase

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What does your company do?

As a Nail Technician, my role involves providing nail care services to clients. Here are some of the specific duties and responsibilities associated with being a Nail Technician: Cleaning and Shaping Nails: I clean and shape clients’ nails using sanitised nail tools and chemicals. Consulting with Clients: I’ll consult with clients to understand their nail polish colour preferences, nail art preferences, and desired nail length and shape. Sterilising Tools and Equipment: Before each nail painting session, I’ll ensure that nail tools and equipment are properly sterilized. I specialise in nail art, using special techniques to create unique designs on clients’ nails. I also follow strict safety protocols when working with chemicals and ensure the health and beauty of my clients’ nails!

What is your biggest success?

Being fully booked and having clients eagerly requesting appointments is a fantastic achievement for a solo Nail Technician like me. Here are a few reasons why my busy season was such a success: 1. Quality Service: My clients appreciate the quality of my work. Whether it’s beautifully painted nails or intricate nail art, my dedication to providing excellent service keeps them coming back. 2. Word of Mouth: Satisfied clients often recommend my services to their friends and family. Positive word-of-mouth can significantly boost my client base, especially during busy times like the festive season. 3. Effective Marketing: Social media and special holiday-themed promotions can attract new clients and remind existing ones to book appointments. 4. Time Management: Managing a full schedule requires excellent time management skills. I likely balanced appointments efficiently, ensuring that each client received personalised attention without feeling rushed. 5. Festive Nail Art: During the holiday season, clients love festive nail designs. Whether it’s glittery snowflakes, candy cane stripes, or elegant metallic shades, my creativity in nail art likely contributed to my success.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

As an independent nail technician, I face several hurdles, such as: 1. Managing business operations 2. Keeping up with trends and techniques 3. Maintaining health and safety standards 4. Physical strain and health issues 5. Financial stability 6. Continuing education and certifications However, one of my most significant challenges is handling clients who exhibit disrespectful behaviour. Whether it’s impatience, rudeness, or dismissive attitudes, maintaining professionalism while ensuring excellent service can be quite demanding. Including experiencing load-shedding. Facing this challenge, setting clear boundaries and maintaining my composure helps me navigate such situations effectively.