PMB Homeless Network

What does your company do?

The PMB Homeless Network is a NPO dedicated to ending the crisis of homelessness. The network aims to provide shelter and guide and support individuals through a comprehensive rehabilitation journey.

What is your biggest success?

As a humanitarian and community activist, climbing and summiting Mount Kilimanjaro for charity and Gender Based Violence has been my greatest achievement. This feat was accomplished draped in a traditional attire called a " Sari", with signatures and pledges against GBV by victims and supporters . It was showcased at Honorary Exhibitions at two museums, namely the KwaZulu Natal Museum in Pietermaritzburg and Richmond Byrne Museum . I was featured in various local and international newspapers. interviewed on Prime Time News SABC 3 and Radio shows on SA FM and Lotus FM . It stands out as my greatest achievement not because I am the first person to accomplish this feat adorned in a Sari but it is a purpose that is greater than myself. My aim is that my achievement inspires and motivates others to make an effort to become change makers and make a positive impact in the lives of others too.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I am passionate about empowering others , especially women and youth. During the many years of uplifting the community and assisting victims of Gender Based Violence, we face many hurdles on a daily basis but the biggest hurdle has been establishing " Safe Spaces" / Safe Houses in Pietermaritzburg. With the increasing numbers of GBV cases there are insufficient safe spaces or housing facilities available for the victims therefore resulting in unfavorable situations. There are no financial support or funds allocated and there is a dire need for these facilities to provide shelter, food , support and protection of the victims. We are currently working on a fundraising project for a " Safe Space " for Gender Based Violence victims in Pietermaritzburg; but due to the economic circumstances , fundraising has become increasingly difficult.