Kagiso Mahlangu

Parch-Up South Africa


What does your company do?

Patch-Up South Africa is an NPO based in Pretoria, serving Mamelodi and Eesterust. Our focus centers on serving the Vulnerable Communities, Drug users, Sex workers, Unemployed people and People living with HIV. Through our programmes we are able to tackle the above issues by: 1.Healthcare: We provide HIV, STIs and TB screenings, distribution of condoms, giving health talks on our weekly awareness days where we educate our community on HIV, STIs and TB and give referrals to those in need of treatment and further health assistance. 2. Agriculture and Food security: We have a small scale farm where we plant and harvest our own produce, that we use for our weekly feeding program. Our feeding program provides nutritious meals to homeless people who are dominantly addicted to substance abuse and vulnerable families with little to no income. We also provide agricultural skills to youth living in these communities. 3. Psychosocial support: Through our trained social workers our program assists beneficiaries with counselling support, either one-on-one or group sessions make recommendations and referral to rehabilitation centres for comprehensive support. 4.Self- Sustainability: Through our entrepreneurship program, we facilitate the creation of new entrepreneurial ventures within the vulnerable populations. We also foster partnership with private and public entities to create sustainable education and employment opportunities for our targeted communities. 5.Women empowerment:The program supports sex workers and combats GBV through holistic interventions, community empowerment, strengthened referral networks, and increased availability of private, judgment-free support services like healthcare, counseling, and housing alternatives e.g. shelter placements.

What is your biggest success?

1.We successfully provided job opportunities to over 60 unemployed youth, particularly recent graduates, offering them valuable experience in their respective fields. 2.We initiated a small-scale farm that sustains our nutrition program, benefiting our targeted vulnerable groups.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

1.Provision of rehabilitation services for our beneficiaries when we do refferals for them to get admitted and get nessesary assistance. 2.Financial support to maintain employment for the organizational staff.