Kajal Lutchminarian

Klutch Plastic surgery & MediSpa

What does your company do?

We specialize in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments catering for the holistic and inclusive needs of the clientele we serve. From plastic surgery procedures like liposuction, breast reduction and tummy tucks to non-surgical injectables, facials and even a nail bar and massages. We have created a one stop space for all our patients aesthetic needs. We have a carefully curated all female team comprising of a plastic & aesthetic surgeon, a beauty therapist, a lymphatic drainage massage therapist, nail and lash tech and a medical grade reconstructive tattoo artist which offers a novel multidisciplinary approach able to treat our patients. We do not only cater to beauty and aesthetics, much of our work also deals with Reconstructive cases as well, like working on burn victims and breast cancer survivors which when combined with the skills each member of our team bring forth. We see every patient as an opportunity for how we can improve their lives or respective journeys, by restoring confidence and bringing back their power. Helping them look good, feel good, prioritizing and investing in themselves , be healthier and happier but most importantly, loving themselves.

What is your biggest success?

I am particularly proud of not only my academic and clinical achievements but also of the profound impact our work has had on our patients' lives. Among numerous impactful stories, three stand out distinctly: Firstly, I recall performing breast reduction surgeries on twin sisters, both professional rugby players and women of color—a rarity in their field. They insisted on simultaneous surgeries to support each other through recovery. The surgery significantly eased their ability to wear their uniforms and improved their quality of life. Their openness about their journey spurred broader discussions on the benefits of breast reduction. Another touching case involved a young boy who came to our clinic with extensive facial burns, having been previously turned away by other surgeons. Teased at school and visibly scarred, our challenge was immense. We opted for a comprehensive approach that included medical-grade microneedling, PRP injections, minor surgical adjustments, and specialized tattooing to improve symmetry and appearance. His ongoing transformation has been incredibly fulfilling to witness. Lastly, I had the privilege to assist a cast member of "Real Housewives" in her comprehensive transformation. Initially, she had misconceptions about plastic surgery, but over the year, we worked on both surgical and non-surgical treatments while supporting her weight loss journey. Beyond her external changes, witnessing her internal growth—gaining confidence, prioritizing family, and community—was remarkably rewarding. These experiences underscore our clinic's evolution into a renowned name in both national and international circles within the aesthetic and medical fields, a testament to our commitment and impact.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I'm going to be very candid here. My biggest hurdle in business has been navigating a still very male-dominated industry while being taken seriously, yet remaining soft, feminine, and true to myself. The challenge lies in balancing assertiveness with empathy, ensuring my voice is heard without compromising my inherent qualities. In the medical field, where a tough exterior is often valued, I've strived to retain my compassion and authenticity, resisting the pressure to conform to its more rigid culture. Overcoming this obstacle has required resilience, confidence, and the unwavering belief that my unique perspective enriches the industry, rather than diminishes my professional credibility. It took me a while to realize that there is strength in softness and that you don't have to repeat what was done to you, but rather forgive, move forward and do better for the next generation. The one thing my father always said was that nobody ever died from hard work and that has gotten me through a lot.