Kathryn Main

Money Savvy Humans

What does your company do?

Money Savvy Humans works with kids, teens and adults and teaches them how to make and manage money. We also work with corporations and create custom financial education content for their internal and external stake holders. We have a foot print in 4 countries in Africa ( South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia & Mauritius). This growth is due to a women empowerment initiative I created by licensing out the MSH material and resources to help more women run successful businesses like mine. We can deliver content, online, face to face and via subscription models.

What is your biggest success?

In 2023 i managed to scale my business into 3 countries and completed development of our own online tech platform to facilitate online learning and create passive income streams for the business and the licensees.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

At the moment, my biggest hurdle is constant corporate work. We have long sales cycles and a lot of back and forth with bigger clients.