Kathy Vena Naidoo

Green So Sai Tee

What does your company do?

Green So Sai Tee (GSST) is an established Hemp Organic Lifestyle Outlet, with registration number 2019/102928/07. While currently engaged in trading, GSST is embarking on a New Startup Project focused on the Cultivation of Hemp. The company has secured a Hemp Permit from the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform, and Rural Development, enabling the cultivation of 15 hectares of hemp until the 15th of December 2028. The project’s main revenue streams include the Growing and Harvesting of Hemp Seed and Hemp Fibre.

What is your biggest success?

new success: acquiring our permit and farm for cultivation of hemp. In 2009, life took an unexpected turn when I was confronted with an autoimmune disease, thrusting me into a whirlwind of hospital visits and pharmaceutical experiments. The relentless assault on my immune system left me with little recourse, pushing my health to the brink and prompting doctors to suggest a medical boarding route. Faced with such dire prospects, a serendipitous encounter with Full Spectrum cannabis extract, courtesy of a traditional healer, became the turning point. The impact was nothing short of miraculous. After years of battling with compromised health and struggling to complete a full meal, the introduction of cannabis extract brought about a transformative shift. I savoured my first satisfying meal in two years, marking a pivotal moment in my arduous journey. For me, cannabis transcends its botanical identity; it's a profound force that has sustained my well-being for over a decade. More than just a plant, it symbolises a lifeline – a source of health and solace that I've personally experienced. This intimate connection underscores the immense potential of hemp cultivation, not merely as a business endeavour but as a conduit for enhancing the lives of individuals, like me, who have discovered profound health benefits through its cultivation and use.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Male domination in the industry as well as building a brand is a process that requires patience; we have always seemed to use our hurdles in the pass as lessons or room for improvement or strategy.