Katlego Bernice Moagi

Citizen Concerned

What does your company do?

Citizen Concerned educates South Africans about the economic, social and political matters that affect them. Through in-depth research, captivating scripts and quality recorded and edited videos - Citizen Concerned packages education in a digestable format that many in the audience understand and share with their connections. In the last 9 months, Citizen Concerned has educated the voting citizens through YouTube, TikTok, X, Instagram and face-to-face interactions.

What is your biggest success?

Being able to educate people who were previously filled with hatred and racism and get them to see the good in the rainbow nation of South Africa. To be given 4 pages under the 'Young, Gifted and Black' feature of the Leadership Magazine interviewed by Professor JJ Tabane. Being on a Panel Discussion on ENCA's Power To Truth show. Being interviewed by Jenna-Leigh Bilong on ENCA's Communi-TEA as well as by Leanne Manas on SABC's Morning Live.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Experiencing resistance from citizens who do not believe in love and unity of all South African races. This led to a smear campaign about me calling me a prostitute on Twitter/X and some people unfortunately believing that baseless post.