Kaylene Elliott

Kays Eats and Lifestyle Events

What does your company do?

I do food, for church events, private events and also planning of those events I work behind the scenes get the suppliers, get the quotes and create customized menu's that suite my clients pockets in a world filled with glitz and glamour and social media we believe that we can make anyone's event feel like it cost a million rand I also do small month end family meals for month end to me I would rather create a fantastic meal I can make and eat at home so I started sharing this by selling it to others the dream would be to have my own fast food take out which creates rustic yet fabulous meals which are inspired by different countries my food is filled with my secret sauces which I believe is what makes my food stand out I am trusting to breakout from just this being a side hustle to it being something amazing

What is your biggest success?

To me my biggest success was successfully planning our churches banquet dinner from décor to food to menu's to entertainment

What has been your biggest hurdle?

finance and also learning how to price right so that I am able to make a profit whilst not charging exorbitant prices