Kefilwe Morobane

Giving Wings

What does your company do?

We are a strategic consulting, training and development company. We spearhead high-quality and dynamic programmes for young professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs by equipping them with knowledge, skills, and tools to propel them to success.  We have spearheaded development programmes for a wide range of reputable organisations in the financial, education, labour, property and mining sectors. We are renowned for leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in human development to drive impactful organisational change. Services: 1. Strategic Consulting 2. Women in Leadership Development 3. Enterprise Development 4. Graduate Development 5. Leadership Development 6. Business Communication 7. Executive and Career Coaching 8. Team Building

What is your biggest success?

Giving Wings has been operating since 2014. I am filled with immense joy for one of our key success milestones of being in business for 10 years. Throughout our decade in business, we have worked with leading JSE-listed organisations and have impacted thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs, and youth by providing them with critical skills and tools to propel them to success. One of our key programmes is the Basali Development Programme which has impacted 400 Women in Business from across South Africa through monthly virtual business workshops and masterclasses that have resulted in the creation of 256 jobs by our female entrepreneurs. Our Women in Business community currently has over 500 members who are constantly helping each other to navigate the challenges of being a female entrepreneur in the midst of navigating family responsibilities, work/life integration, Inadequate resources, gender inequality, fear of failure ect. whilst building thriving and resilient businesses.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Building the confidence and strength to leave the comfort of a good corporate job and pursue entrepreneurship. In addition, having to navigate various stereotypes when I started in business. Overcoming the internal hurdles (fear and imposter syndrome) has required me to do a lot of personal mastery work that has been anchored on being intentional about my “why”. At my core, my biggest reason for being in business is to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals and organizations to unleash their greatest potential through the development solutions that we provide. Addressing the external hurdles, I am pedantic about delivering work that is of top quality and exudes global standards.