Kelebogile Modutwane

Ukubona Foundation NPO

What does your company do?

We go to schools in previously disadvantaged and underserved communities and we perform vision screenings on the learners. Our optometrists then sit one-on-one with the learners who fail the vision screenings to perform comprehensive eye exams. For the learners who are found to have visual impairments, we raise funds as a foundation to purchase and donate spectacles to them, at no charge to the beneficiaries. We also have a formal agreement with the Gauteng Health department. School-going children who are tested and found to have visual impairments at the district facilities (hospitals and clinics) around Johannesburg, are sent to our office in Soweto for us to donate spectacles to them, also at no charge to the beneficiaries.

What is your biggest success?

With the foundation to date, we have performed 3379 vision screenings, 745 comprehensive eye exams, and we have donated 466 pairs of spectacles.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle as with most non-profits, has been to raise funds and to get partners and sponsors on board. This has meant that for some months, we have to put beneficiaries on waiting lists until we are able to get sponsorships/donors to be able to purchase and donate the spectacles.