Kellina Nomsa Njoko

KNN Tutoring Service

What does your company do?

The business renders service in the education space, initially I started doing house calls, giving lessons to help with difficult subjects to my students', the once that they encounter challenges on. But the main GOAL of the business is to teach children and adult how to learn, the English language and home language, I believe if one knows how to read they can solve any question presented to them, that is my strong believe. The business is also in the online platform, we also teach English online, which is new thing just implemented , as we move into the digital space.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest achievements I can say are abstract, because they are personal gains, the more I teach is the more I gain insight in knowledge , on how to teach different individual's. I also do more learning and researching on different topics, where I learn and gain knowledge. I also get more students from referrals, which also give me joy as it shows that, what I am doing is impactful in my community and it gives me joy and surety that what I am doing is helping out there, and that the mission and vision for the business are being fulfilled.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest challenge in the business when I was doing house calls, was time management, as I don't have a class, I would held up in taxis, and be late for next appointments. The one I am faced with currently, is that I use my home for teaching, and sometimes we have visitors', making it hard to have a quiet place, and also I can not have more students because of place. And with the online teaching I rely or electricity the most, so if they are power cuts I have a problem. I also find it hard for me to advertise, I am bad when it come to putting my business out there, I am not good when it comes to advertising.