Kerri-Lee Taylor

Kiko Vitamins Pty Ltd

What does your company do?

Our company is dedicated to revolutionising women's health by focusing on hormone balance and gut health. As an integrative hormone health coach and the owner of a hormone balance supplement brand, I've leveraged scientific research and holistic approaches to develop products that support women in achieving optimal wellness. We specialise in creating supplements that are meticulously formulated to address common but often overlooked issues such as hormonal imbalances, digestive health, and inflammation. Our mission extends beyond products; we are committed to empowering women through education and support in their health journeys. With a strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility, our brand actively contributes to the community by collaborating with projects that support underprivileged women and by investing in ongoing research to bring new insights to female health. Our innovative approach and dedication to making a positive impact have helped countless women reclaim their health and vitality, setting us apart in the health industry.

What is your biggest success?

Two of our most impactful achievements have been acquiring shares in leading femtech companies and significantly contributing to the fight against period poverty. By investing in femtech, we've aligned with innovative companies that complement our brand, Kiko, enabling us to access expansive data insights about women's health needs. This strategic move has greatly enhanced our product development and customer understanding, driving our mission forward. Additionally, our commitment to social responsibility shines through our initiative to combat period poverty. We have supplied thousands of organic sanitary pads to women who are unable to afford them, ensuring they have access to safe, sustainable menstrual products. This effort not only supports women's health and hygiene but also promotes environmental sustainability, resonating deeply with our brand values and community commitments

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been navigating the complex regulatory landscapes for health supplements across different markets. As a brand dedicated to women's health, ensuring compliance while maintaining our high standards for ingredient sourcing and product efficacy requires meticulous attention to detail and significant resources. This challenge is compounded by the rapid growth of our company, which demands constant updates and adaptations in our operations to meet regulatory requirements globally. Overcoming this has involved strengthening our legal and research teams and forming strategic partnerships with local experts in key markets. These efforts have not only helped us navigate regulatory complexities but also ensured that our products continue to be safe, effective, and accessible to women worldwide, furthering our mission to enhance health and well-being