Kgomotso Moloi

Mo and K essence


What does your company do?

We do candlers Diffusers Bath salts Sugar scrubs Soaps

What is your biggest success?

This year after doing my vision board,the following happened 1.I’m a vendor of the it’s Exclusive books,I’m currently supplying 6 stores 2.I supply 2 gift shop by the name of flowers and gifts and Njango and Jane at the airport. 3.And a gift store in North by the name of Simply Nick.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Not being able to approach other stores yet because I’m funding my business with my full time work salary,when I have home bills to pay,petrol and so forth. Since I had this business from 2020 it has been so much struggle to break through as the are No customers,I used to do markets but the sales were poor.