Kholofelo Nengwenda

Ondwela J General Trading

What does your company do?

Ondwela-J General Trading is a black-female owned company that was founded in July 2014. The company started its operations as Household Maids & Cleaning Services with a focus on domestic cleaning & placement and later expanded to commercial & Industrial market in and around Middelburg, Witbank & Nelspruit. These areas are growing towns with new developments emerging frequently thus serves as a good market for our business. Ondwela-J has now diversified to add to its services provided namely; pest control, horticulture, and environmental rehabilitation and retail. My entrepreneurial journey was inspired by the challenges I faced when relocating from Limpopo to Mpumalanga and struggling to find domestic assistance. The company then grew to be registered as Mukhoni Cleaning Specialists which now provides cleaning services and domestic worker placement, and within a short span, the company had created employment opportunities for approximately 50 people. Among the 50 workers employed, 35 are permanent. The company has also made it possible for close to 20 household domestic workers to be placed. I have since diversified the business portfolio by acquiring and operating 3 Galito's franchises in Midrand, in Gauteng. In 2019, I becoming a first time franchisee for Cartridge Depot South Africa operating one store and in 2024, I acquired the company and became the Franchisor of Cartridge Depot. The network currently has 20 stores of which 18 corporate owned stores and 2 franchised stores.

What is your biggest success?

One my most notable achievements is carving out a path from franchisee 2019 to franchisor of Cartridge Depot South Africa in 2024. As an entrepreneur, I firmly believe investing only in businesses that I personally support as a consumer. If I haven’t patronised the business myself, I wouldn’t consider investing in it. My journey as a client with Cartridge Depot started in 2014 when I registered my first business, and I’ve been a loyal customer of Galito’s since 2012 when I moved to Gauteng. This principle guides my investment decisions, ensuring that my ventures align with my values and preferences.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The COVID-19 pandemic posed significant challenges for Cartridge Depot as we faced setbacks due to enforced legislative closures. But through strategic diversification and a keen eye for emerging opportunities, we not only weathered the storm but emerged stronger.