Khothatso Hlophe

Straightforward Pele-Pele

What does your company do?

Straightforward is a Wellness and Development institute that is rooted in healing. We help facilitate conversations that lead to the restoration of love, dignity and healing to individuals and couples struggling with change brought about by marriages changing from Monogamy to polygamy .Whether the change affects the way our clients view their marriage or affects their personal growth, our gift of exhortation and extensive spiritual inclination help promote the adaptation of a growth mindset that will allow our clients to connect with their roots, flourish ,own their space and grow beyond adversity. We encourage parents to build their homes with compassion to ensure that children grow up in an environment that protects and nurture them to become the next generation that values meaningful connections over material things. Our founder Khothatso Hlophe is the heart of our operations, she offers one-on-one session and group seminars to help build strong polygamous marriages and avoid divorce. She holds a B.A in Development studies which is concerned with change. Her work is based on her personal experience and the difficulty of embracing adversity when her marriage transformed from monogamy to polygamy.

What is your biggest success?

Changing mindsets and have couples choose to work on their marriage than opt for divorce.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Negativity that comes with my calling and people who dislike polygamy.