Kitso Monyadi

Hempire beverages

What does your company do?

Hempire beverages is a product line that stems from a farm that specializes in organic farming. Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) for soil remediation, conservation, and carbon sequestration to ensure that we combat climate change. From the Hemp we manufacture health care products and hand-crafted herbal teas infused with a collection of caffeine-free botanicals that do not contain camellia sinensis. These botanicals have been specially chosen through a process of blending and infusion to create the most distinctive flavor combinations to bring a moment of serenity to anyone's day. The Tea product line is called Hempire Beverages, and it comes with 9 different flavor infusions. Our goal and mission is to utilise all the excess raw material thus creating multiple jobs & sustainability for all. We are a company that champions diversity and stand against climate change, sexism and income equality and we are ready to bring our passion for activism into the industry

What is your biggest success?

The south African green and inclusive awards program grant winners Boost up finalists

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Scaling up