Kitso Monyadi

Botlhale Ba Rrammutla Farms

What does your company do?

My name is Kitso Monyadi. A brief biography on me, i am the co-founder of Botlhale Ba Rrammutla Farms and innovator behind Hempire Beverages. My partner Katlego Kgopotse is a Biodiversity specialist, indigenous knowledge holder, cannabis guru and innovator behind Cancare Botlhale Ba Rrammutla Farms is an eco-friendly, private, and youth-owned, female-led agricultural farm in the north of Pretoria that specializes in organic farming. We grow nutritious off-layer chickens, seasonal vegetables, and Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) for soil remediation, conservation, and carbon sequestration to ensure that we do our part in combating climate change. From the Hemp we manufacture health care products and hand-crafted herbal teas infused with a collection of caffeine-free botanicals that do not contain camellia sinensis. These botanicals have been specially chosen through a process of blending and infusion to create the most distinctive flavor combinations to bring a moment of serenity to anyone's day. The Tea product line is called Hempire Beverages, and it comes with 9 different flavor infusions. Our goal and mission is to utilise all the excess raw material thus creating multiple jobs & sustainability for all

What is your biggest success?

Exhibition at all major exhibitions like GDARDE Symposium, Tshwane farmers market day, Food for mzanzi young Farmers Indaba 2024 and being invited to speak on the cannabis industrialization panel and our offtake with Zulzi on demand

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Access to foreign markets