Koketso Moloko

Lekung Food Group

What does your company do?

Food Insecurity and access to nutritious food is a huge challenge in the rural and urban areas on the African continent. As our lifestyles are changing, many people are becoming cognizant of eating nutritious food across the continent. This is where Lekung Food Group comes in, I am Koketso Moloko the founder of Lekung Food Group. Unlike our competitors we supply large quantities of in season quality fresh produce consistently to the largest market in Africa on a weekly basis, the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market and and Vegetable wholesalers.

What is your biggest success?

Our biggest success to date was securing our second vegetable wholesaler client. I have also won number business awards over the years. We have also supplied fresh produce to our community of 200 households annually.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle is transport that has capacity like a medium sized truck. We currently use a trailer for deliveries. We also have a problem of having a place to sort and prepare our meals like a packhouse. We have spent a lot of our money on getting the necessary licensing, water rights and environmental impact assessment.