Kopano Moshoana

KPRM Media Solutions

What does your company do?

KPRM Media Solutions is a Digital Marketing, Media and Insights Agency that establishes, maintains, and grows the digital footprint of African & Global business brands through conscious marketing mixing the conscious (data analytics, research, AI-driven advertising) and the creative (digital media, creative storytelling, personalization) to achieve brand loyalty for our clients.

What is your biggest success?

1. We have successfully crafted just over 100 brands since our inception. 2. FOYA (Founders Of The Year) has nominated us for an award. (Made it to the 2nd round of Semi-finals) 3. We trained over 10 interns in 2021 during our 1-year internship, where most went off to work for themselves or other companies. We then further picked 2 interns at the end of the program who worked for us for just under a year (paid) 4. We've successfully facilitated a training for over 20 NPOs in Bloemfontein during October of 2023 where we conducted a 5-day boot camp to teach them about Social Media, Website Design, and Marketing for NPOs to become Fund-ready. 5. We've managed to impact 5 individuals during the last 6 years through part-time and full-time employment mostly being youth. We are a Youth-led Agency utilizing this as a vehicle for Youth employment and enrichment.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

1. Scaling outside of Gauteng, we'd like to expand into Durban and Cape Town 2. Keeping a consistent cash flow, but we are slowly getting there by being intentional about acquiring cash flow-positive projects 3. Talent Management, it's very difficult to find the right talent within our industry and talent that is passionate and believes in a Start-Up vision.