Kopano Shimange and Nyaki Tshabangu (Business Partners)

Club She Is

What does your company do?

Club She Is is a multifaceted edtech enterprise empowering women worldwide with the motivation, skills and resources to take their income into their own hands and design life on their own terms through entrepreneurship. We provide a comprehensive edtech platform and exclusive membership that delivers world-class online courses, masterclasses, coaching and done-for-you services aimed at enabling women to start and scale profitable businesses and build successful personal brands. Our core offerings include entrepreneurship training covering everything from ideation to execution, personal branding strategies, digital marketing mastery, financial literacy programs and more. We don't just impart knowledge but cultivate an ecosystem for women to learn, implement and grow together. What truly sets us apart is our holistic approach that goes beyond just business training. We nurture a global community of ambitious women supporting each other, sharing experiences and collectively breaking socio-economic barriers. Our powerful network has over 10,000 elrollments across 51 countries, fostering collaboration, accountability and success mindsets.

What is your biggest success?

Our biggest success has been the profound impact we've created in the lives of female entrepreneurs and the growth we have all experienced over the years. From our 2018 launch to closing our first chapter in 2022, we catalyzed over 11,000 course enrollments across 51 countries. Since relaunching the new Club She Is in March 2023, 629 women have enrolled for our digital marketing services, masterclasses, resources and sales funnel creation. Our greatest pride so far is the growth of our newly launched agency services, which provide done-for-you sales funnels and Facebook advertising to drive customers to women's businesses. One shining example is Palesa Dibakwane, who switched on our Facebook ads last weekend with incredible results. Another example is Jabu Ndlovu from Hiking 44 Adventures, which is a women's hiking community that Jabu started as a passion project and now hires seven people. Their success is our success, and it motivates us to keep going.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been systematising and quantifying the entrepreneurial success stories we've facilitated for over 1,000 women through Club She Is. In our first five years, we helped many women build informal, unscalable businesses through intensive training alone. However, our vision is grander - to empower 1,000 women to acquire their first 1,000 customers each by providing comprehensive, end-to-end support. This involves upskilling them and establishing formalised, scalable business systems tailored for sustainable growth. Our current challenge is ensuring all our client success stories seamlessly integrate with and function optimally within the marketing and operational frameworks we've built. As we've relaunched, our core focus is institutionalising measurable processes to track each woman entrepreneur's progress towards milestones like first 6-figure revenue, first hire, etc. Formalising and quantifying our impact is key to realising our overarching goal of catalysing 1 million lives changed through women's entrepreneurship by 2030. Systems are pivotal to amplifying our efforts to create generational economic empowerment.