Kwanele Rasekutuma

Ras Family Dentistry

What does your company do?

Ras Family Dentistry is a newly established dental practice dedicated to patient-centered dental care in a compassionate, welcoming and safe environment. We strive to render high quality care at affordable prices to ensure that dental services are accessible to our patients. We believe that oral health care is one of the cornerstones of our overall well-being. The services we offer include but are not limited the following dental disciplines: 1. Preventative: Bi-annual comprehensive dental check-ups, cleanings and oral health education to help our patients prevent diseases affecting the oral cavity 2. Restorative and Prosthetic: Various treatments to restore teeth to their natural aesthetic and function, i.e fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures. 3. Cosmetic : Procedures that help our patients feel better about their smiles and appearance- for example tooth whitening, veneers and other elective procedures. 4. Pediatric: Specialized and gentle care for children to preserve and maintain healthy mouths from an early age. 5. Emergency Services: Fast and effective pain relief and addressing dental issues that need urgent attention.

What is your biggest success?

We are a female-led dental clinic with a growing patient base and a high retention of patients. Despite being surrounded by over 20 well- =established dental clinics within the Pretoria CBD area, we have managed to get a continued number of clients. Our patients are diverse and represent people from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. We have particularly focused on making our services welcoming to families, making sure that everyone feels catered for. Our high retention rate speaks to the satisfaction of our patients and many have expressed their appreciation of our personalized approach and the time that we take to educate and answer questions regarding their oral health care. A good portion of our new patients come through referrals from existing patients and this 'word of mouth' growth has been a driving factor in keeping our practice going.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The most significant hurdle has been building trust and visibility in a competitive market. There are many facets to it, including attracting a good number of new patients in order to keep the company profitable and give more employment opportunities to women in the dental field. Due to the saturation of dental practices with a long-standing patient base in the Pretoria CBD, it has been difficult to attract patients who may already be loyal to other dental clinics. We continue to try and find new ways to improve our brand recognition and marketing strategies. We have recently tried to find ways to increase our digital marketing footprint, however our financial resources are limited. We strive to show our commitment to high quality and personalized care to our patients. By staying true to our values, we hope the community continue to see Ras Family Dentistry as a reliable and compassionate dental care provider.