Lamise Inglis

iKasi Creative NPC

What does your company do?

iKasi Creative Media, a registered non-profit and Public Benefit Organisation, was founded in 2018. With an operational budget of R1,100,000.00 and a B-BBEEE level of 1, we are committed to making a meaningful impact on our communities. We have established offices in Thembalethu, George, and Bellville, Cape Town. iKasi Creative Media's mission is to bridge the digital media skills gap and provide comprehensive training solutions that empower youth to access employment opportunities in the digital media industry. Over the years, we have positively impacted hundreds of young individuals across the Western Cape and West Coast and have recently expanded our reach to the Eastern Cape.

What is your biggest success?

One of the most rewarding aspects for me personally is witnessing the transformative impact our training programs have on the lives of young people. It's incredibly heartening to see the spark of inspiration ignite within them as they realise their potential to not only create valuable content but also to monetise it, thereby empowering themselves to change their own circumstances. However, a significant milestone for iKasi Creative was securing 1st prize in the National Skills Innovation Challenge sponsored by the DCDT, GIZ and UN. This achievement granted me the privilege of participating in an immersive Digital Skills bootcamp session in Turin, Italy, hosted by the ITCILO. Engaging with leaders of organisations from across the globe and exchanging insights was an invaluable experience. The exposure garnered from this opportunity resulted in our feature in both local and international media, opening doors to further opportunities and enriching roundtable discussions. Advocating for the advancement of digital skills in our country remains a deeply ingrained passion.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Throughout my journey, I've always been the quiet, hardworking type, content to operate behind the scenes. However, when I assumed leadership at iKasi Creative, I realized that my tendency to stay in the background was a weakness I needed to address. Public speaking, particularly during radio interviews, emerged as my greatest challenge. Despite meticulous preparation, I found myself struggling with dry mouth and stumbling over my words—anxiety at its peak. But I refused to let fear hold me back. Through deep introspection and sheer determination, I resolved to confront my insecurities head-on. I embraced the discomfort, pushing myself to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. It wasn't easy—I stumbled, I faltered, but I persisted. I made a conscious effort to seek out speaking opportunities, volunteering for interviews and talks whenever they arose. With each nerve-wracking experience, I learned to tame my anxieties, my voice gaining strength and clarity with every word spoken. Through relentless practice and unwavering resolve, I gradually found my footing, my confidence blossoming in the face of adversity. Today, I stand proud of the leader I've become. No longer confined by the shadows of self-doubt, I boldly raise my voice, representing not just myself, but the communities I serve. My journey from trembling silence to empowered expression is a testament to the transformative power of courage and resilience. It's a reminder that even the quietest voices have the potential to echo far and wide, amplifying the voices of those who have long been silenced. As I continue to lead with conviction and compassion, I carry with me the lessons learned from my journey of self-discovery. I embrace every opportunity to speak out, knowing that my voice has the power to effect change and inspire others to find their own courage in the face of adversity. Through my story, I hope to encourage others to embrace their vulnerabilities, to step boldly into the light, and to let their voices ring out, unapologetically and authentically. For it's only by embracing our fears that we truly find the strength to shine.