Lauren Carr

Watch Me Whip

What does your company do?

I make fresh cakes, macarons and patisserie items. Everything is from scratch and preservative free. I paint images on the macarons and the cakes as well to decorate them.

What is your biggest success?

I have perfected the art of making macarons. They are a notoriously tricky patisserie item to bake. I consistently make between 200 and 300 perfect little macarons a week now. I have also had the pleasure of working with major brands (ie: KFC, Unilever, sorbet group, among others) in bringing branded patisserie goods to life for their events.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Delivery’s and logistics. Our food is delicate, fresh and heat sensitive. We have not been able to find a permanent and consistent delivery method. We usually hire contract workers who get paid per order to do door to door deliveries for our food.