Leanne Haas

Klipsop Kombuis NPO

What does your company do?

We aspire to be a beacon of hope for the most vulnerable people in Springs and surrounding areas. Klipsop Kombuis is a resisted NPO and we focus mainly on feeding the homeless and unemployed, and we especially have a soft spot for children growing up in poverty stricken squatter camps. But we don't just want to feed people's physical bodies, but also want to offer nourishment to their soul and spirit. We offer Men's, Women's and Children's Ministry and we offer counseling to people who have any sort of addiction. We also help the unemployed by making their CV's and helping them to become successful micro-entrepreneurs by offering workshops and supplying them with products...

What is your biggest success?

Writing 2 heart-wrenching poems, one about GBV in South Africa and the other about Abortion. It has touched many lives and helped women find healing. Running a successful events and catering company for 15 years, a NPO that's making a difference in 100s of lives through providing nutritious meals amd running Healing and Wellness Centre that's helping people heal from trauma through counseling, ministry and life-coaching. Being a spokeswoman for women who are struggling with the pain of abortion and all whilst raising my two children as a single mom

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our catering company didn't survive the aftermath of Covid and having to retrench 10 employees. The effect it had on my finances has been challenging and just the cost of living in general. Writing off my vehicle in 2023 and losing our last catering contract was devastating. We fell behind on our rent, and was on the verge of losing the property.